We work with entrepreneurs to help them succeed. Having a great product simply isn’t enough. It takes the experience and wisdom from experienced investors and serial entrepreneurs. It takes great people and a network of contacts and relationships to build success. Smart entrepreneurs seek out and get that help and we have worked with thousands over the years.

We work with corporations to help them better work with innovative startups and give them the tools and skills to be more entrepreneurial. We understand the challenges that large companies face as they balance existing businesses with new, sometime disruptive initiatives

Fueling entrepreneurial passion

The investor mindset, combined with wisdom garnered from our experience as serial entrepreneurs, helps us deliver real assistance to founders building their startups We don’t claim to have all the answers, only some. But more importantly we ask questions that challenge you to find the path forward. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs build and fund successful companies.

How we Help

We help fuel the entrepreneurial passion and drive. We help build the business and story in a way that is compelling and resonates with investors. We help companies think through markets and develop a viable market entry strategy. We are there to support the entrepreneur by challenging them with tough questions and tough love.

What Makes us Tick

Starting and building a company is hard-really hard. It takes a combination of talent, vision, perseverance and luck. And often it takes help from those who have already blazed that trail.

We have been there as entrepreneurs, facing the same challenges that you deal with on a daily basis. It’s hard, it’s sometimes lonely. Often there are more questions than answers. You perserve because the startup is your passion. We help because we love working with passionate entrepreneurs who have a vision and the ability to turn that vision into reality.

Our Value Add

We have been in your shoes as entrepreneurs; facing the same high points and lows that every entrepreneur experiences. We help you succeed by providing the pieces of the puzzle that are missing. It is strategic help, the operational guidance, our curated networks and the ability to help you with fundamental business issues.  Whether it is how to tell a more compelling story about your business or advising during negotiations with a customer or investor, we can help.

For international startups looking at the U.S. market, we bring knowledge and resources to help you succeed. What market? What is the right market entry strategy? How do you get traction initially? We bring global perspective and connections. And a broad understanding of how new and emerging tech based startups can go from start to success.